May really is the month when everything springs into life. The birds are in full song, plants are growing, your seeds will be germinating, aphids are swelling in numbers and so are snails! So what to do? Moving into May, this is the busiest and most exciting time of the year for gardens. There is so much to do and yet the weather still plays a huge part for a successful season.

Borders and Plants:
Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month once frosts have cleared.
Hoe borders and beds to stop weed growth.
Divide cottage garden plants such as Hosta and Primrose.
Mulch around shrubs, roses and trees to help prevent moisture loss and suppress weeds.
This is the month to get summer bedding plants started in containers and borders.
Towards the end of May you can also start to plant summer bedding out in the borders too.
Continue to plant container grown plants as well as Gladioli bulbs, Dahlia tubers, sweet peas & tomatoes.
Thin out outdoor sown hardy annuals.
Check for first signs of blackspot, aphid and rolling sawfly on roses and treat with a suitable pest and disease control.

Pruning and training:
Put supports in place for your cottage garden plants before they get too big. Tie in climbers.
Sweet peas can be trained onto their supports to create a good display.
Prune Spring flowering shrubs once they have finished flowering. Cut off any dead and damaged stems and then remove about a third of the oldest flowering stems. This will rejuvenate the plant, creating a good display next year. (Forsythia, Spiraea, Berberis and Ribes) all need pruning now.
Clip evergreen hedges if not too woody, shredded clippings can be added to compost heap (remember to check for nesting birds).
Trim winter flowering heathers with the shears.


Mow the lawn regulary and remember to add the clippings to your compost heap.
Continue to apply a high nitrogen keep the lawn looking healthy.
Ensure new lawns from seed or turf do not dry out.
If you have a problem with moss and weeds apply a combined moss and weedkiller.
If you need to improve your lawn, scarify apply seeds and top dressing.

Apply weed killer to paths and drive ways during dry weather. When the weather allows, continue clearing paths and ponds. JetWash external slippery surfaces. The build up of moss and algae on the external areas can make it very slippery and unsafe. We are happy to provide an excellent service in cleaning, refreshing and protection for all types of externally used stone, features, furniture. Our high pressure jet washing service can maintain your garden and property making it not only clean and fresh looking all year round but also help to keep it safe and protect from slips, trips and falls on outside pathways, patios and decking. Using high pressure jet washing equipment we can clean any surface from concrete to tarmac and anything in between. Your stone, stone features and even some of your garden furniture can be brought back to life! This service should be undoubtedly high on your list of priorities. Start using your compost around the garden. Top up raised beds with compost and good quality topsoil.
Make sure bird baths and bird feeders are kept topped up to encourage birds to your garden.
Enjoy your garden and don’t forget to take time and stop and stare at the wonder of nature. Happy gardening!