March is the time for a thorough spring clean and remove moss and weeds from paths, terraces and driveways. They may be boring tasks but if you don’t get on top of the garden now (especially the weeds!) it will be a nightmare for the rest of the season.

Borders and Plants:
Weed and dig over your borders incorporating as much organic matter as you can - those chilly winds will really help to dry out the soil. Mulch bare soil once you have done the work.
Divide large clumps of hostas before their leaves start to grow. Dig the clump up, then use a spade to slice your clump into several sections, replanting them at their original level.
With so much fresh, tender growth around, slugs and snails are in their element. Deal with them now before your plants disappear before your eyes.
Feed all your fruit trees, canes and bushes with a sprinkling of sulphate of potash.
Feed hedges, trees and shrubs with a general-purpose fertiliser, then mulch around their bases.
Treat roses to some special rose feed as they come into growth so they get the nutrients they need to flower plentifully.
Deadhead daffodils as the flowers fade and let the leaves die back naturally before clearing them away about six weeks later.

Pruning and training:
While Frosts can still be a hazard, so keep vulnerable plants protected at night if frost is forecast. March winds are also notorious for their ferocity so check exposed plants are well supported.
Cut back hedges before birds start to nest.
Prune large-flowered clematis.
Finish all unpruned roses, removing dead, damaged or diseased stems.

Keep off the grass during frosty weather.
This month the major work starts as temperatures by the end of the month are usually high enough to mean that significant grass (and weed) growth is occurring. Before cutting the lawn it should be raked with a spring tine rake so that the grass 'sits up' for the mower. Adjust the mower blade height if possible so that just the tips of the grass are removed. You should only need to mow once in March. Trim lawn edges and around garden ornaments / trees using a lawn strimmer. Neaten up / repair any damaged lawn edges. If you haven't done in October, at the end of March scarify the lawn using an lawn scarifier or a spring tine rake. This will remove dead grass, thatch and moss.

Check plant supports and do any repairs before plants start growing.

When the weather allows, carry on clearing paths of moss and leaves especially keeping it off lawns and out of ponds. Take care not to let leaves accumulate around.
Keep Clean External Slippery Surfaces. The build up of moss and algae on the external areas can make it very slippery and unsafe. We are happy to provide an excellent service in cleaning, refreshing and protection for all types of externally used stone, features, furniture. Our high pressure jet washing service can maintain your garden and property making it not only clean and fresh looking all year round but also help to keep it safe and protect from slips, trips and falls on outside pathways, patios and decking. Using high pressure jet washing equipment we can clean any surface from concrete to tarmac and anything in between. Your stone, stone features and even some of your garden furniture can be brought back to life! This service should be undoubtedly high on your list of priorities.

Enjoy your garden and don’t forget to take time and stop and stare at the wonder of nature. Happy gardening!