About Us

About Us

We are South London based Company providing complete garden maintenance and wide range of landscaping services to private and commercial customers throughout London and Surrey.

About ELC Gardens

At ELC Gardens we understand that all gardens are very individual and unique. We cover a wide range of gardening and landscape maintenance services and we do our best to make sure our work always meets particular client's lifestyle & needs. During the last 10 years we have created many front and back gardens as well as roof gardens. Most of them we are still maintaining and that gained us trust and confidence from satisfied clients. Having established such good relationships with our suppliers, we providing the highest quality plants, fertilizers and landscaping materials in excellent price.Many clients also prefer to order their own materials and we are always happy for you to do this. We work with several garden designers and leading London's landscaping companies as well use our experience to create a style of garden you require and deserve. We have various project briefs, before & after pictures and reference as well as full catalogue with ideas that we can bring along to help you decide what you want from your garden. No matter what is the size project, we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

Our Terms & Conditions

The Site
Clear access will be given to the site between 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Please advise us if other contractors or services will be present on site during the proposed works period. This will help in the smooth running of the site.

Soil, stone and weed
During the normal course of works the existing soil will be used. Cultivation of the soil does not remove weed seeds and roots, weed growth does regenerate, all clients should resume their normal garden cultivations after the works are completed. Stones larger than 50mm. will be normally removed when they arise on the surface, however, cultivation does not include de-stoning. A charge will be made for the removal & disposal of any unforeseen debris.

Obstacles in the ground
We estimate on the basis of visible site. Additional charges will be required for the removal of any unforeseen obstacles (tree roots, stumps, hard surfaces, etc.). Clearly we would request that a specialist contractor should deal with any large items, at the client's instruction and expense.

Mains services, earthing cables, telecommunications, etc.
We do not accept any responsibility for damage to any mains service unless their exact route is clearly and exactly marked (with red marker dye) above ground prior to our site attendance and they are installed 600mm. below the ground surface level. In particular the phone/ internet and cable companies should be asked to attend site and clearly mark their services prior to our arrival on site. The use of all mains services will be available to Elite London Contractors during the course of works, free of charge.

The existing site
Garden ornaments, machinery, tools, fixtures, etc. are only used/ handled at client risk. A separate estimate will be given for any precise site protection measures that the client may request. This is being an additional charge. We advise that any antique pieces of statuary or terracotta etc. should be removed and safely stored, prior to our site attendance.

Any and all claims for veterinary bills, legal fees, damages, distress of the clients family resulting from the loss or injury of a pet, pets or livestock, will be limited to a clear ten percent of the full contract sum. A special insurance may be taken out for specific cover, for a separate fee. A written request for such a cover must be received by post one clear calendar month before work commences when a separate quotation for such cover will be obtained in line with the value of livestock conceded.

Grass seeding
We do not guarantee grass seeding work. Clients should note that grass seed will not make a full sward or lawn thickness for a full year.

Living stock & Existing plant stock
Whilst reasonable care will be taken with the existing plant stock, we cannot be responsible for its survival or replacement. We give a six months guarantee on hardy plant stock which we supply, and will check through the stock and replace any dead stock on one occasion within a six month period, from the date of planting. However we do not cover the effects of neglect, chemical damage, theft, vandalism, damage by pets, pests (rabbits, deer, etc.) or severe weather ( prolonged drought, flood, fire, lightning, hail storm, etc.) or accidental damage. The client will not gig up or disturb any stock during the guarantee period. We do not guarantee tender plants, bedding plants, bulbs or any stock supplied at wholesale cost.

New stock sizes
Unless otherwise clearly specified in writing the new stock will be a combination of normal first year nursery stock in 1,2 & 3 litre pot sizes often being complimented with a selection of smaller pots of ground covers and alpines. Specific expensive items, i.e, standard roses, box hedging, topiary or larger trees and shrubs are only included where specifically itemised and detailed.

Terms of payment
A deposit of one third of the contract sum is due on the day the work commences. Stage payments will be invoiced at weekly intervals on all the works and planting contracts, (due within seven days). A final invoice will be issued at the physical completion of the works, (due within seven days). All materials and stock remain the property of Elite London Contractors t/s ELCGardens until fully paid for.